4 Tips To Study Difficult Subject Easily (With English Subtitles)


if you dont want to miss any of my videos go to homepage of “Eu. S Media Production” Click on the subscribe button and also Click on the “bell” icon so whenever i will upload a video you’ll get a notification Hello Friends Every students wait for the month of April & May Because it is the period of summer vacation every child wish to go outside to play or do travelling to enjoy their vacation just to refresh their mind But before this enjoyment they have to face a lots of tension As you all know that March month has started and in most of the schools , final exams are going to be start Some students are having tension of Board exams some have tension of getting high scores while some have tension to score good marks difficult subjects In short currently the aim of every students to clear this exam successfully through this video, I might reduce little tension of all students In this video, I will give you 4 tips with the help of which you can clear any difficult subjects So let’s begin .. 1 Focus on the big picture For understanding and remembering any concept it is not necessary to memorize after all our mind is not a computer which can save every data you might forget the concept before exam only if you are trying to memorize it Therefore we should organize our mind in such a way that we can recollect any concept at any period of time and for this purpose, the first strategy is to add some humor in our study technique instead of memorizing the concept, understand it with fun and enjoyment so that we can remember it for lifetime Example during school time, one day teacher ask me to learn and memorize “PERIODIC TABLE” and the truth is, I used to do cramming from morning to evening so that I can memorize the periodic table but I fail to memorize it then I tried to learn it with some fun and humor I memorized every column with the help of funny acronym Like Column 1 was learned in this way Hydrogen “Li Na K Rb Cs may Fr grance” Column 2 was learned in this way “Beta Mnge Canya Sundr Baap Roa” and in the same way, with the help of funny acronym, I learned and memorized full Periodic table which I still remember Second strategy is that we should interconnect all information which is related to the subject information which we got from lecture or from our friends or from any notes because by revising such tactic and route of information we are able to remember it for long period of time 2 Find what works for you the most scholar student of my class used to have a unique habit he never used to practice maths problem by solving it After reading that sum for 2 or 3 times, He can easily remember it and the interesting thing was that he always get good marks in maths paper but if I used that same technique then I would not be able to score good marks in maths because this technique can work for that student only or you can say this technique suit only that student the technique which work for me was “Regular practice of sums” so that I can know my silly mistakes and avoid it during exam time Some students are expert to remember historical dates while some students know every mathematical formula some are expert in grammar while some are expert in essay writing but It’s ok we all are different We just have to know that technique which works best for us Example Earlier, blackboard was used to explain any concept many time, teacher draw figure or drawing on board to explain that concept more deeply but now, the scenario is something else Nowadays in many schools concept are explained with the help of Power. Point and projector Actual images are shown instead of making drawing and figures because its human mind tendency that it remember real and actual thing for longer time One more Technique is to share that concept along with friends Because when we discuss about that topic with our friends then our concept become more clear and the example which we give to our friend while explaining is remembered by us for long period of time 3 Get some feedback on your understanding There are many ways to understand and remember any concept but the most important thing is that the concept should be more clear to us that is why we should take time to time feedback and review of our learning and understanding and may be because of this unit test are held in school after 3 month and semester exam are held after 6 months just to check how much syllabus is understood by student For different subjects, you can use different kind of feedback style For example You can practice online test paper for physics and maths subjects or you can solve the exercise sum given behind textbook for history & economics, you can take help of those people who have little bit knowledge about that subject For language subjects, you can take help of your friend or your family member to check your vocabulary, pronunciation and writing 4 Expand your knowledge Books are the best and true friend of human being You might have observe that many of my videos are made on books summary we get many useful knowledge from books and which is always good for us Therefore if you find any subjects more difficult then personal suggestion is to refer more than 1 book for that subject because in a single book, the whole concept might not have been explained fully and clearly knowledge from different books will make your concept more clear so to conclude in reality, there is no difficult subjects if class topper can score good marks in that subject then why can’t you? you just have to clear your concept then every subject will be easy for you “LIKE” this video if you found it useful comment the tip which you found most useful share this video with your friend also if you are watching my video first time than don’t forget to “SUBSCRIBE” Finally, THANKS FOR WATCHING Last but not the least “HAPPY STUDYING…!!!”..

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