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hey guys going to July Japanese Imam at miss event a lot of people asked me what my language learning tips are and how I learned English so today I’m going to give you my 11 study tips that I use to learn English so you can use them to learn Japanese I hope it helps each of our met the first one keep a notebook that you treasure my biggest Japanese learning tip is to have a dedicated North book for every new thing you learn this is what I did when I was learning English I wrote you vocabulary in the front of the notebook and flipped it over and wrote new grammar concepts in the back I took this notebook with me everywhere when commuting to school I would look through it and revise what I had already written I was constantly reviewing I think and reviewing my notebook looks like this divided into three or four columns one column for the new word next column has the translation or definition next column has a mini example sentence and another column has the context bike Lucetta and when knowing the context of new words is super important because it will help you know when to use that word for example when learning English I watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother I learned the phrase I nailed her from Barney so I noted down that Barney said start to Ted in the convex column that was really important because it let me know not to use that phrase inspirations like talking to a friend’s parents so ya get a nice notebook that you will treasure and use and make sure you keep it with you and the right in net and read it often you bond there the second bit make your own sentences this is extremely important for remembering new words when you learn a new word here just write down the definition you probably forget even a here review it but if you stretch your brain a little and try to compose your own example sentence using that phrase you’re way more likely to remember it when making example some buzzes I was used three pens black red and blue I used to write to write the new rod in signaling to my brain that this is the super important word in the sentence if there were any other words that I was a bit shaky on in the center I would write them in blue signaling to my brain but I need that stored in my long term memory and the rest are all in black so an example for Japanese might be you want to learn the world shawl set to show set suit which means novel I’ll draw a sentence like this Corolla sure settle your nut Jolla Shores it to humor so I was right kilowatt in blocking the goose that’s the easy part and I know it I was right short it’s it in red ink because that’s the part of the sentence that’s important for me to remember and I’ll write your nut in blue ink because I’m still kind of shaky on that and then how do we read these example sentences whenever I’m commuting to work or school or before bed and they’ll try and think about and write down us dude this is really important because it’s active learning and you’re way more likely to remember new words and grammar concepts if you’re active a lot of people don’t like to do and that’s because it’s more work and it’s harder to do this but it’s worth it Sam Barnett the third one write down your command thoughts and words when you’re just thinking to yourself like when you’re cooking walking somewhere or shower rings remember the source that keep coming up and write them down in English or your native language and make a lot of things you say often in conversation then when you have time you should sit down and translate them into Japanese or try to find the Japanese equivalent again this is hard and it takes some warlock but you put in the effort you relearn how if you say the common things you think and talk about this is very valuable for language learning and a lot better than learning random for is from a textbook that you’d never use in real life young Barnett the fourth one translate the first and the last bits of a Japanese sentence where with me on this explanation because once you know the mechanics of how it works we’re going to see in action using a clip from the awesome anime sold out online you will often encounter a sentence that just doesn’t make sense you might be reading Japanese manga or website and you just can’t work it out well a lot of the time if you just use this little translation trick the meaning will become more clear you’re going to translate the first part of the sentence and then the last part of the sentence so just say you have a big sentence like this package eva carissima sony Marigny ophtho ishani restoran de cabelo yak so Costa takakuwa carissima Sony Marini Opta ishani restaurant table area Costa first we are going to make this easier to read and manage it by breaking the sentence up you’re going to go on the particle hunt and every time you find a particle afterward like vodka or me there you will make a break so the sentence would look like this path you are pretty Samar Sunni marry me after there is a comma so we’re gonna break again at the ishani breast or amber taberu yakusoku shita first you translate the first word and particle so here it’s package G and the WHA particle and that gives you the subject of the sentence we are talking about Takeshi the first word is usually subject bar in Japanese we often omit toward watashi i or the world use another which we rarely use in my not be a subject but check the first subject anyway especially if you find the war particle then that’s great next you translate the last word in Japanese this is the verb once you have the subject and verb of the sentence you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in this example the verb is yakusoku or that yeah goose or girl that we choose the past tense of yakusoku Souter yakusoku Souter which means to promise so now we know that package the promise something now you’re going backwards from the final verb and translates bit by bit so working backwards we have Tibet Tibet which means to eat now we know that package it promised to eat them rest or endure so taka she promised to eat at the restaurant well is shawni together Takeshi promised to eat at the restaurant together next Maddie knee up there to meet Mary and this up there comes from our which means to meet and we conjugate it and do it Stefan up there with more information coming after that so now we know that Takeshi promised to meet Mary and eat together at the restaurant and one more translation Clarissa Martin Lee at Christmas so the full sentence package she promised to meet Mary and eat together at the restaurant at Christmas just a quick note about dollops when travelling a long sentence you probably have several verbs you want to translate the main verb the one at the very end first those in the middle of long sentences often become nouns by using them not particle like this or daughter no la palma she or daughter no la palma see here you can’t just say or daughter la palma see to mean dancing is fun you can’t put the verb in front of any particle like wha ha or without using the new particle whenever you would say speaking of the I like doing something you’d have to put them not after the point form the dictionary form of the book and make a sentence so human say I like reading you’d say Jana nor gasps Sookie you’re Minogue ascii also the main verb has to be at the end but you find a verb in the middle of a sentence in front of a noun so for example tabata eater he dot tab at data to be eating now he dot person then you’d want to translate from the mound you’d say person who is eating or person that is eating or yonder horn yeonbok comes from yama which means to read and you’ll notice the past tense sits like red and then one book by gang doesn’t mean I read the book but rather it means a book that I read because if you wanted to say I read the book you’d have to put the main verb at the end of the sentence so you take one or younger anyway and now let’s see how we can use this translation trick when we watch sword art online esra Cena’s nose oh no boom indominus : under this chain Kirito says con la comida many cows pass Ananta con la camisa many cows Montes and he read the subtitles it says I didn’t expect you to come to a dump like this so obviously when you’re watching anime you want to get what they are saying so you want to read the subtitles but even English try reading the first word which is AI and then go to the and then start reading from this like some come you didn’t expect because the first word in Japanese con la means like this so it’s last word in English corner and then Kirito says go Miedema gamma gamma is not such a common word but it basically means a dump so con la comida man if you read English sentence from the end it works out quite well like this a dump so you know that he’s saying a dump like this and then he says how old a sir Karl literally means face and doesn’t means tip it out stick out so the literal translation is like put your face out but it’s not like to drop by so in this case in English it’s translated as come which is fine so this kind of thump you come cold us and then the last word in Japanese is none there which always expresses surprise or shock so the English translation is I didn’t expect so it works out pretty well you train yourself to read the subtitles in English from the end then what you hear in Japanese matches the translation and the subtitles so let’s hear this sentence again Petrosino hacer con la Gomi Gomi Nicolaas numbers what service so you know the storage locker each metacognition Excel because this part where asana talks what she says is pretty long but try listening to it first most of us the universe portable Amara each metacognition Excel get on asthma first says milega to demo BOSU korekara so the translation in English is it’s almost time for the next bus rate so again you want to see the first word it it’s not really Awards you skip it and then read almost time and read the last word of the first Klaus so you don’t want to read the last last word which is alive you want to read the last word before the coma which is next bus rate or just rate so in this sentence in Japanese the first word is more sugar which means soon so you could translate it like almost time and then the next word she says is to Guinot which means next and I’m bossy boss cold yogurt means like walk through or she’s a pasta core decor it’s like you want to defeat the boss so that’s like both right so the first class on its own is not too long more so good sagina boss core decor Baqarah because soon next boss rate so then she says aikidoka kakuni Janica target on July so again when you watch anime try reading the subtitles from the end that way you will hear the words in order so the last word in the translation is alive and they hear hear what she says first it’s iki better which means alive each data and then you read from the end so like still you are and then F right so if you are still alive in Japanese Akita car this car can act like if or whether it doesn’t just mean or or Christian marker but in the middle of a sentence like this it usually means whether or if so the world matter is alive is a key data car if alive whether alive or not and then the next word in English is see Japanese waters cocooning which comes from the verb cocoon inserter and that means to check to make sure so it’s kind of like to check if you were alive and then the next word in English is came and then you’d hear keep that which comes from the word cooter and that’s the platform of cooter so you know that it means come keep that and then the rest it says keep that I get Tom John I so this is something that you then pick up on this you know the grammar well this is one plus I get it means to do something for someone else so you traffic for you but yeah you don’t really see in the translation because that’s just adding nuance so keep that I guess but basically means came for you and at July this again you have to learn the grammar but it’s use when you’re explaining things and this July at the end normally it means it’s not but in this case when you put after a verb it’s used to complain or accuse someone Chicago looks angry right it’s like I came here to check your life or not and your attitude is like that it’s kind of like that so yeah the last part even if you don’t get it for now that’s okay let’s hear what she says again most of us begin over school diploma each metacognition Akio katana and Kirito responds to her by saying we render Eastern Otoro Casteneda para el guamazo no surrender is tony toro Casteneda cara como sora kara walker Adaro so you’d expect that there’d be two sentences in subtitles T but they trophy like I’m on your friends list on I so that’s really short translation so this translation trick doesn’t work exactly well because this translation is not exactly the same but anyway surrender is da friend list and then total 10 so this total Kristin dakara this means the same as totaku status and Dakara but this to me test because it’s informal anyway means because I’m registered on your friends list so they could I mean such a thing and then walk otter youth now startled right so it’s like because I’m registered on your friend list you’d know such a thing right he means youth know if I’m alive or not all right this time try reading the English translation from the end and try hearing the Japanese words here very organised an award that’s fine tea but he’ll intermediate you might pick some words all right Verendrye stone e. Toro Casteneda para ayudarnos yo yo yo yo yo no photos money no es todo co o sauropod emo yo risk in logic Rondo to him Kirika said Emma the oldest eternal Joker and O Donnell ham again he read the translation from the end it says right now and what he says at the beginning is EEMA which means right now and then again we read the translation backward from the last word so you see cooking skill and then what he says is the oldest kid 300d Skeeter so the audience cooking and Sugita is scale just with Japanese accent so do already Skeeter and I’m back to the translation he says around what level in Japanese he says you’re good and oh you don’t have to remember this world unless you watch sorts of training stuff but you could and domains proficiency level so you can just remember it like level although level we often say they’re better they’re better so he could have said Mr D or e skill in order better but he decided to use cooler sound like world good end or proficiency level and then at the end he says Tom ahem Donnell ham means around where this world is often new when you talk about a place so if I say me some more sugi dono ham me some more cheese on ahem then that means we’re about is your house so e Maserati Shakira no Joker and O Donnell ham right now cooking skill level we’re about so again reading from the end works so let’s listen to what he says again emo yo risky rosy grando there’s conflict ah good idea solo do nikolay how long ago Ischia poised audiology greater stock trattoria next ketosis cuatro horas de guitarra keto Kuti casa de yada so the translation has two classes right so he took this for me and in comma I’ll let you have a bite so in this kind of situation you want to start reading from the last word of the first class so the last word before the coma which is for me and then you go backwards and then once you’re done you go to the actual final word which is a bite so first it says for me and this right so in this one it’s a bit hard but he says coitus coitus it’s kind of like quartet but it’s usually used towards a living thing so like a person or animal and then they are talking about this rabbit meat anyway coitus this thing or this one so it’s not exactly the word that is at the end but it’s close enough and then your rish it that again it’s the test form of the verb the OD suited to cook and then this cat form flask Adela in this sentence this is take her data and then do something for me and this path path means F so if for me you cook this so again it’s close enough and then you can finally look at the final word of this sentence which is a bite and what he says after the coma he says he toketee and that means a bite he toketee and go back to the translation it says I’ll let you have and yeah this cool asset the earth means I’ll let you eat so some people might think oh but I learned the verb to eat as a better and it doesn’t sound anything like the better because we have two wards for to eat the common one is a better and another one is COO which is the rough way of saying Tibetan so you’d only use this to in informal speech anyway kuvasz s 10 yada that’s just conjugated version of KU once you learn the informal negation you see why kuba comes to bar but you haven’t learned any grandma yet you might think this is crazy but once you learn it it’s not too hard so don’t worry and you can watch the rest for Ischia hi Tori secreta stoked garena sit over there for each exercise oh that’s never man was because counselor or hot Jacuzzi NIDA high tech area all right we’ll watch this clip one more time and again try reading the subtitles from the end to the beginning that way were you hear much is the translation there is a good trick when you try learning Japanese through Anime News Machinima’s uno Gomi Gomi Nicolaas number most of us begin over for a brahmana each telecommunications aha we render is Toni Toro Casteneda crow yo yo yo yo yo yo no photos money o theotokos o sauropod emo yo risky music Rondo hmm ha ha ha good idea solo they only call a canonical touristy de hoy touristy Greta Stokes grata ha ha rarrr inna sit over there Oh da man Oh anymore because consular officer casinos high tech area sweet little Tobin met the suspect right a lot heel introverted or shy or embarrassed about making mistake it doesn’t mean you come before and in Japanese in fact you might even actually be able to get to a more fluent level than someone who is outgoing and extroverted you do this by writing a lot I was always very shy when speaking English I was scared to speak English with natives in case I made a mistake one thing that scared me was when I tried to say the word gallery in conversation with an American girl it came out something like get out the mg laughs and made fun of me after that I didn’t want to speak English for a long time and was really scared about making mistake so what I did was I wrote a lot I wrote loads of example sentences I wrote little journal entries I wrote stuff on long gate and have natives correcting my sentences you’re right a lot something magical happens you become more secure about speaking if you know you know the grammar and vocab or language when you come to speak you feel way more confident so writing a lot really helps your eventual speaking skills dr: Barnett the sixth tip don’t worry about your accent people compliment on how I can say I am L sounds negatively far as in the gallery example it wasn’t always like this I did sound like a stereotypical Japanese person for a long time like I have a pen I have an apple find out both bands something like that you shouldn’t worry about getting your accent perfect your accent will develop all the time as you learn the language more it took me years of learning English to get through this stage I never saw I’ve been making videos in English and showing them to native speakers I really can’t believe I can sit in front of a camera and talk to you like this now but I can and you will be able to do the same engineers if you just stick within preserve now my Barnett the seven step do there are my drills athletes and soldiers have been saying drillers are killers that means the more times you practice something the better you will get dr. Joe experts will practice basic hooks and throw thousands of times they practice over and over again until they can do it perfectly intuitively it’s not necessarily fun or cool what you need to do this with Grandma a lot of people skip grammar because they think it’s boring or they think they will pick it up just from speaking language but most people are more likely to advance quickly in learning a language if they just practice the grammar often every time you learn a new grammar concept your learning will take a big leap forward students often tell me that the understanding of Japanese improves dramatically after learning the perform it might be difficult but it’s important and rewarding had Jabbar met the a set use among go to study Mungo is a great resource that will help you learn you would put your grammar concepts through use and get better at reading also Longo is just a lot of fun so you can learn em enjoy a story at the same time there is nothing wrong with trying to read the manga fast and just getting the gist of the story from pictures but you should also spend time really getting closer to your manga you need to do the hard laborious grunt work of breaking down a manga a bit by bit it might take you a month to read the whole manga this way with the page maybe taking more than 20 minutes but it is worth it you can study Japanese through a manga by breaking down every single thing you don’t understand this is where your notebook and the translation trick is going to come in handy anything you don’t understand both vocabulary and grammar you’re going to look up you can look things up using digital Rd and Japanese dictionary up Tangerang calm or just by typing in the japanese word or grammar concepts into google followed by the phrase japanese meaning and you get a bunch of sites and forums that help you I have some recommendations for manga depending on your level for beginners your true battle is great for intermediate community and for advanced learners that’s not is awesome it may not be your type of story but I also recommend you use shoujo manga like kimi ni todoke baccarat gusta nama om G to learn Japanese because you’re more likely to learn normal native everyday Japanese than the stuff you find in Dragonball one piece or Naruto although I love Naruto so you should definitely check it out it’s my favorite manga series you need some help with learning Japanese or manga I have some exciting stuff coming out soon that will help so be sure to sign up to my newsletter to receive a notification coupon that the line stick relax in Japanese even if your brain is hurting or you’re tired from working all day you can still relax in Japanese I used to stay up late binge watching English TV like The Inbetweeners friends and How I Met Your Mother I watched these shows because I enjoyed them learning English was a nice double benefit so find some TV that you enjoy in Japanese and chill out in the evening with it if you like any man I recommend you check out sword art online finds gay erased and Full Metal Alchemist also the movie kim yuna noir is amazing and probably my favorite movie of all time Dubai met the pen step system two songs when you’re law and motivation language learners always hit periods of low motivation you might feel like you’re not progressing very fast or you are feeling frustrated because you can’t understand something or express yourself I got these feelings a lot when I was learning English too and the one thing that always helps me was to listen to uplifting music in English music have a powerful way of making you feel better and boosting your motivation some Japanese music recommendations include rather wimps glimpse punky radio and with the bass skater or I personally used to really like a finger called Yuki and they’re a lot more great thing goes out there if you watch anime you probably would find your favorite song from the opening or ending so just type in your favorite anime title and the or P or EBM you’d find us on Google usually on or you can listen to some fun songs from Katy Palmilla Palmilla like fun Bom Bom Bom Bom and it might boost your motivation you down this family rips easily basically just pom pom form and you know that’s Japanese juicybar met that your lessons step have fun remember that learning Japanese is a journey so surround yourself with stuff that keeps you motivated because you will be learning for a long time I’m still learning English remember why you love the language maybe you want to read and enjoy the entire series of Nerissa in Japanese or you love Japanese food or you want to live in Japan enjoy the process and always remember while you’re learning Japanese alright thank you for watching this video they were my 11 tips for learning a language I learned English and Russian like this know that it’s not just you who have hard time learning and language and I will keep making lessons so you can say they’re with me on this channel so thank you for watching if you found this video helpful please give a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to my channel and also my newsletter because I sometimes and out a pop quiz to review the stuff I taught you okay John I’ve done it bye bye..

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  • I’m sorry that girl made fun of your English 🙁
    I’ve been learning German and I’m just starting to learn Japanese and I was always so scared to speak German to native speakers (I still am tbh) so when I talk to non-native English speakers in English I don’t care if they make mistakes because I know how intimidating speaking another language can be! And besides all that really matters is that you get what the other person is trying to say 🙂
    For some reason I’ve found that english speakers can be the most unforgiving of non-native english speakers’ mistakes, which is ironic because a lot of native english speakers are monolinguals -_-

  • Learning English must be hard. We have sooo many rules that we don’t even realise we have because it comes naturally and most of the time we tend to break them 0-o

  • I’ve been using your absolute beginner videos for about 2 months now in my studies and I’ve just passed the TE form. I just wanted to come and tell you this here since maybe you don’t read comments on your older videos that often. You are the best Japanese teacher on YouTube, please don’t stop making these.

  • omg the 4th tip is so helpful <3 I understood what the sentence was talking about without translate , YAY
    + I didn't even watched the full video but this video is great THANK YOU

  • Unlike other (unfortunately more popular) channels who are supposed to help you learn Japanese but instead all they do is making random,”funny/kawaii” videos while explaining at most a few begginer level words and sentences you actually put some serious hard work to your videos and i can’t even begin to tell you how thankful i am that i discovered your channel.Some of the tips you mentioned i was also considering to start practising myself so i’m glad that you confirmed their importance and how much helpful they would be!I have been doing private lessons (with a Japanese teacher) for a few months now and your videos are perfect to complement my studies. Again thank you and regards from Greece! 🙂

  • And never use English to spell out Japanese (ie Romaji) because if you take a month to study hiragana and katakana, you should never need to use English. Writing things in Romaji sets you back in Japanese study. Use Japanese spelling for kanji you don’t know and spelling of kanji, like kids, do. You never learn a language right when studying it in another language. Learn th word and learn to say and read it out with the hiragana spelling to say it correctly.

  • I really enjoyed the anime segment. Would be cool to see something similar with the anime or manga in the future grammar lessons (or when learning new set phrases). Translating, or even understanding long sentences with more than one clause is quite painful… But those damn copyright strikes might be a problem, never know when it comes to showing anime footage.

  • I wish I remembered more of the struggle I went through when learning english, just to be more confident when learning Japanese. But I think after you kind of get to a comfortable level in a language, you end up forgetting the times when you were down and unmotivated. I’m very anxious to get to that level in japanese

  • Summary and Time Index:

    00:20 Keep a notebook that you treasure
    01:48 Make your own sentences
    03:44 Write down you common thoughts and words
    04:29 Translate the first and last bits of a Japanese sentence
    10:20 Sword Art Online example
    25:24 Write A LOT
    26:47 Don’t worry about your accent
    27:42 Do grammar drills
    28:47 Use manga to study
    31:07 Relax in Japanese
    31:54 Listen to songs when you are low in motivation
    33:15 Have fun!